The Framed Feather and Artshopper

The Framed Feather & Artshopper Curated Exhibition

The Framed Feather & Artshopper Curated Exhibition is a new initiative¬†started in 2016 and aims to give artists who don’t often get the chance to exhibit their work a chance to do this. We work with so many artists who produce work but never get to show it.

Everyone is welcome, amateur or professional! It will be an annual event at the ARTSCAPE MARBLE FOYER EXHIBITION SPACE. We decided on this specific space because there is a daily influx of a wide variety of people. Some are already art lovers, and some have never been to an art gallery and we wish to present the art works of such an extensive genre to a wider audience than the usual art gallery patron.

Last year’s event was a brilliant success, not only in sales, but also the wonderful work of each participant! It was an amazing ensemble of different work and genres in one space, not something one usually finds at art galleries.

The invitation to participate will be advertised on facebook via our page THE FRAMED FEATHER & ARTSHOPPER and via our instagram profile about 3 month in advance, maybe more. Entry forms will be available here and at the shop. Or alternatively we can email it to you. A participation fee of R50 per entry, there is only space for about 45 – 50 works so we will add a size limit this year. First come, first serve!

The fee and commission will be used for the rental of the space and various administration fees (printing, posters, facebook advertising etc.) The commission on each work is 30% .

Here follows a photo montage of the event which took place in September 2016:




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