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“My Rhino” awareness campaign


“Since 2006 there have been over 2000 rhinos lost to poaching in South Africa. During 2013 1004 rhino were needlessly butchered for their horns.  Over 90% of surviving rhinos are now in South Africa as the populations elsewhere in Africa and Asia have been decimated. The Kariega Foundation created a special fund after the overwhelming support when 1 cow and 2 bulls where poached in March 2012. One bul died of his injuries that night. The other two showed an incredible will to survive. They were name d Thandiswa and Themba, Xhosa names meaning courge and hope. Sadly Themba died later as a result of infection. Thandi remains fighting.  The funds raised were enough to cover Thandi and Themba’s emergency phase treatment. The fund is dedicated to the rehabilitation and care of these rhinos.”

We are doing our bit to bring awareness against Rhino poaching through joining the “My Rhino” campaign by selling the “My Rhino ” paint-it-yourself-kit. We also use mouldings by Supreme Mouldings who donate 5c of every purchase to the Anti-Rhino-Poaching Fund.

Join us by painting your own Rhino and we will put the finished product for sale on our website and on facebook.



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